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   We should have called this page 'Sermons', but the word has acquired an unfortunate reputation which might have turned people away.  At St John's we do not believe that a vicar's words need to be sleep-inducing, and to prove it we have made sound recordings of many of our sermons available for downloading.

   This page contains the most recent sermons, as well as a few selected highlights.  More recordings are available on the Archive pages; please click on the link below.
 These pages will be updated regularly as new sermons become available.  (You may need to use your internet browser's Reload or Refresh function on each page to be sure you are seeing the most recent version.)

   Please read the notes below for information about how to download these files.

Archive Pages
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Sermons from St Mary's Mornington
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  Sermon Samples
Short extracts from some of the sermon sound files
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  Views and Reviews
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     About these Recordings

   All of these recordings were made during Sunday services at St John's.  The sound quality may vary in places, and there is occasional background noise.  The sermons were often illustrated with data-projector slides which we are unable to include; however, they still make sense as audio-only recordings.

   The files are compressed into MP3 format to keep download times reasonable.  A typical dial-up internet connection will take 10-20 minutes to transfer one of these files, depending on the length of the sermon.  (You can go and make a nice cup of tea while the file trickles down your phone line in little pieces.)  If the process seems to be going much more slowly than this, there may be a lot of traffic on the internet, and you might want to try again later.

   You can download one of these files by clicking on its title (in the left-hand column of the table below).  However, what happens next will depend on your internet browser's settings.  You might get a dialogue box giving you the option of saving the file, or your browser might play the file automatically.  To ensure that you end up with a copy of the file on your own computer (so that you don't have to download it again if you want to listen to it a second time), we recommend that you click on the title with the right-hand mouse button.  A menu should appear; select 'Save Link Target As...' or 'Save Target As...', and then decide where to save the file.

   To play the files after you have saved them on your own computer, open them with Windows Media Player or any equivalent software.  (Double-clicking on your copy of the file will probably start the most appropriate programme automatically, but this will depend on your computer's settings.  If it doesn't work, try clicking on the file with the right-hand mouse button and choosing 'Open With' from the menu.)

Copyright Notice

Copyright in the text and presentation of these recordings is held by Kelvin Wright or (in the case of guest preachers) by the speaker.  You may download these files for private, non-commercial use only.  Please do not make multiple copies of these recordings, redistribute them on the internet, or use them to make money.  
If you would like to make these recordings available to others, please tell them about the St John's website or add a link to this page from your own website.

Recent Sermons




file size

A Silent Night?26-Dec-10Life after Christmas - incarnation in a dangerous world.  (Ven Jan Clark)10:35/
1.81 MB
11:30 p.m.
The gift of Christmas - why we are important, even in an unimaginably large universe.  (Alan Firth)13:04/
2.24 MB
Signs of Hope5-Dec-10The call to come home; hope and renewal for the community of God.  (Ven Jan Clark)13:53/
2.38 MB
Unpredictable Certainty28-Nov-10"It will happen" - Advent, advertising and the return of Christ.  (Revd Roger Barker)16:12/
2.78 MB
What Sort of King is This?21-Nov-10
7:00 p.m.
Good and bad kings - Saul and Pilate and Jesus.  (Jo Fielding)18:40/
3.20 MB
Light in Dark Places14-Nov-10Doom, gloom and hope - Harry Potter and the destruction of Jerusalem.  (Alan Firth)12:46/
2.19 MB
Hoping for the Best7-Nov-10Life after death - what we believe and what we actually know.  (Revd Roger Barker)16:14/
2.78 MB
A New Saint is Born Again31-Oct-10The community of saints, and the meaning and purpose of baptism.  (Revd Roger Barker)15:35/
2.67 MB
Know Thyself24-Oct-10The parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector.  (Revd Roger Barker)14:41/
2.52 MB
Joy and Thanksgiving17-Oct-10
7:00 p.m.
The Jewish Feast of Tabernacles, seen in a Christian context.  (Revd Roger Barker)11:05/
1.90 MB
Giving Thanks10-Oct-10The one who came back - the strange details of an outwardly-simple story.  (Revd Roger Barker)16:59/
2.91 MB
The Tapestry of Creation3-Oct-10Rare beetles and the purpose of the universe: secular and Christian motives for the Care of Creation.  (Alan Firth)15:06/
2.59 MB

Selected Older Sermons




file size

The Way of the Magi
7:00 p.m.
A God for the excluded: who the Magi were, and how they found their way to Bethlehem.
3.91 MB

The Word of God
7:00 p.m.

The different ways in which God's Word is spoken to the Universe, and the importance and limitations of the Bible.
3.77 MB

The Trumpet Shall Sound
Perfect and eternal music: reflections on life after death.
2.77 MB

In the Beginning
The scale of geological time.  The place, nature and importance of the first five books of the Bible.
3.72 MB
What Have You Got to Say for Yourself?
The novel The Da Vinci Code; the importance of understanding our own beliefs and being able to explain them to others.
2.71 MB
What God Do You Believe In?
Elephants and 'Uncle George'; our pictures of God, and where they can come from.
2.55 MB
Power and Authority
The difference between power and authority.  Three qualities which mark a true leader.
3.33 MB
Patterns of Resurrection
Great themes of the Universe: death and new life, from butterflies to mountains to stars.
2.70 MB
St John the Evangelist
Intelligent, Traditional, Faithful, Growing: the patron saint of St John's Roslyn.
2.93 MB
Into God's Keeping
Helicopters, whales, rainbows and the hole in the roof: tales of funerals.
2.47 MB

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