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Sermon Samples

   This page contains short extracts from a few of the sermon sound recordings on the Insights and Archive pages.  You can download these sound files quickly and easily to help you decide whether it's worth bothering with any of the full-size files.  (A lot of our users do download sermons.)

   To download a file, we recommend clicking on the link (the title in the left-hand column below) with the right-hand mouse button, and choosing
'Save Link Target As...' or 'Save Target As...' from the resulting menu.  Please see the main Insights page for more information about these files.

Sermon Samples

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summary (of the complete version)

file size

The Trumpet Shall Sound
Perfect and eternal music: reflections on life after death.
269 kB
What Have You Got to Say for Yourself?
The novel The Da Vinci Code; the importance of understanding our own beliefs and being able to explain them to others.
190 kB
Power and Authority
The difference between power and authority.  Three qualities which mark a true leader.
46 s/
137 kB
Patterns of Resurrection
Great themes of the Universe: death and new life, from butterflies to mountains to stars.
47 s/
140 kB
The complete recordings (and many others) are available on the Insights and Sermon Archive pages.

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