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News from Sri Lanka - 2nd April 2006

   Donations from St John's Roslyn have been put to good use on small-scale tsunami reconstruction projects in both India and Sri Lanka.  Parishioner Mirani Keillor spoke about the current situation in parts of Sri Lanka, and this page contains a selection of the photographs that accompanied her talk.  A sound recording of the talk can be downloaded from the 2006 Archive page.

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"There were some pockets where the houses didn't get washed away . . . this area was sheltered by a little peninsula."

". . . for 250 miles down south, this is the debris that was all along the coastline.  Parts of houses, parts of boats, that were washed up on the shore."

"Further down south, people are still living in tents . . . temporary accommodation, temporary houses like the wooden structures here."

". . . if they were houses like this made out of concrete, all the shells were still left behind."

"This young man and his family lost their home . . . he's a carpenter . . . getting his business going very well."

"This is where his house was . . .  His little son, who is about three or four, was there and he was always running up to the sea and this man was always calling him back . . ."

"My cousin was able to build this house . . . that's the sort of project he's doing now."

". . . these are all the donated boats; they're all bright and shiny and new, all along the coastline . . ."

"All the trishaws and the bicycles; everything's brand new . . . the road there is still being rebuilt."

"Along the coastline there are trees planted in memory by people who lost loved ones . . ."

"These are some of the shelters that people are living in now."

"This is a group of women building a road . . ."

". . . this is the coastline; they're putting a lot of stone in, trying to build a barrier in case there's another tsunami."

". . . a game reserve, early morning; it's an absolutely beautiful country . . ."

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