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Sermons from St Mary's Mornington - 2007

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   This archive is maintained by the parish of St John's Roslyn, as part of the Dunedin Hills Ministry arrangement involving both parishes.

   This page contains all the available sermon recordings from 2007.  If you're looking for a particular sermon and it isn't here, then it probably wasn't recorded.  (Recordings may also be excluded from the website because they are of very poor sound quality or because they contain substantial quotations from copyright material.)

   The table below also lists the Gospel reading for each service (which is often, although not always, the subject of the sermon), and sometimes other relevant readings as well.

   If you're not used to downloading files from the internet, please see the Insights Page on the St John's website for more information about what to do.  (There are many more sermons there as well!)

Copyright Notice

Copyright in the text and presentation of these recordings is held by John Sherlock
or (in the case of other preachers) by the speaker.  You may download these files for private, non-commercial use only.  Please do not make multiple copies of these recordings, redistribute them on the internet, or use them to make money.  If you would like to make these recordings available to others, please tell them about this website or add a link to this page from your own website.





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The Peace of God That Passes All Understanding
"It concentrates his mind wonderfully": facing death, from a Christian perspective.  (Patrick Little)
4.64 MB
Herod's Temple
Luke 21: 5-19
Jerusalem's magnificent but short-lived temple.  The danger of letting the monuments of religion become ends in themselves.
3.02 MB

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