The great St John’s Fair - October 27, 10.30am

church fair

Sat 27 October 10.30am The great St John’s Fair @ 373 Highgate

Our biggest collective effort of every year isn’t just about boosting our funds. It’s also a chance for everyone to work together in a huge joint effort. Lots of people on the fringes of church life take part along with the regulars.

Our fair is an exciting way to come up the long drive to see our premises in action and catch a bargain. You’ll find plants, baking, books, toys, pre-loved clothing for all ages, 2nd hand equipment, a silent auction of select items, a chocolate wheel, bottle booth and international foods. There’s even a café.

It’s the place to be on October 27.

Traditionally we tithe our takings to support God’s work in the wider community. Last year we donated to our Vanuatu mission, the Diocesan Fund to support our bishop and an environmental charity.