Access to Our Facilities

Access to our facilities

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By car/motorbike/bicycle

Cars, motorbikes and bicycles may be driven or ridden into the church grounds up the main driveway off Highgate. The car park accommodates up to 8 cars. Please advise your group of users that parking is limited. Parking spaces are often available on Wright St and Tyne St, but are subject to parking restrictions at certain times.

By foot

The main entrance to the hall and other facilities is opposite the car park accessed via the main driveway off Highgate.  There are also doors leading outside from near the wheelchair ramp and from the passageway between the main hall and the Hettie Robinson Lounge.  Please be sure when using these doors that they are locked before you leave the hall.

Wheelchair and mobility access

People in need of a level access can enter and leave the hall via the main entrance.  There is wheelchair access to the main hall via the wheelchair ramp from the Main Lounge. Wheelchair access to the Hettie Robinson Lounge is via the external east-facing door between the main hall and the Hettie Robinson Lounge.  There is no ramped access between the main hall and the Hettie Robinson Lounge at present, so users will need to use the external doors to move between the two.


Keys will be provided for hall users by the parish administrator. In most instances only one key (a key to the main entrance door off the car park) will be needed as other external doors have internal snib locks.  Please be sure to deactivate the alarm with the combination provided immediately after entering the building and to activate the alarm immediately before leaving.

With the exception of the main door leading into the Main Lounge, all other external doors can be unlocked and locked manually from inside the door.  Please be sure to check that all external doors are locked before leaving.

Please note that a charge may be made for the replacement of lost keys.